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27 Feb

I started out hoping to put together for resources on how to write a news story.  After googling, I found out that alone that may be a limited study (how would that really apply to my kids life other than writing skills) and came up with a much broader view of discussing the media and how to read news stories, benefits of keeping up with the  news and what not.

So here are some things I came across that I thought were useful. Insha Allah when we’re done, I’ll put up a page in TJ’s writing center on this topic with resources that I  have made and links.

Reading Between the Lines  (Grade 9-12), National Geographic

“In order to become well-informed adults, it is a good idea for students to develop the habit of reading the news and keeping informed on important topics, such as geography, the environment, and world events. With the overwhelming amount of information available both in print and online, it is critical that students learn to read news stories with a critical eye. This lesson will help them evaluate news stories by determining their sources and recognizing biases or viewpoints.”

Points of Views in the News – National Geographic Lesson, grades 9-12

This lesson will help students sort through the myriad points of view offered on the Internet and evaluate the sources and purposes of news articles and Web sites. Students will read articles from National Geographic News and answer questions describing each article’s source, purpose, and viewpoint.Students will then research the topics presented in an article of their choice and evaluate the resources they find. They will conclude by creating checklists they can use in the future to evaluate articles, Web sites, and other information. “

Say What?

“It is important for students to be able to identify main ideas and supporting details in their reading. It is also important to summarize text while maintaining the main ideas and messages. The lesson begins with a review of the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When and Why), and how journalists use these elements to craft topical, interesting and relevant news stories. In addition, students pull out main ideas from articles and then summarize the news in their own words.   Students then learn and use media literacy skills to distinguish fact from opinion and detect bias in text. Finally the students craft their own articles using and applying newly acquired skills.”

News/Journalism- Educational resources page

A page of a media educator, lots of useful things from lesson plans and other news/media related educational resources. A few:

What Makes A Good News Story?
How to Read A News Story
Newspaper Organization/Genres of News



Compare and Contrast Two versions of the same news story from different news sources; with lesson ideas.

Your Angle On The Story (Grades 9-12)

This Just In (Grade 7)

Links to over 30 lesson plans around the net.




Heads Up for Headlines!, K-12

Students write headlines expressing the main idea of a group of de-headed news stories

“One way for kids to learn about geography and the environment is to read the news. In this lesson, you will introduce students to some stories from National Geographic News and discuss the reasons why it is a good idea to follow the news. The class will “adopt” a geographic news story, design posters to illustrate it, and research related topics. “

My initial google search for how to write a  news article results:

yielded some good PDFs and articles, some great for school students (insha Allah) you’ll get pretty much the same results if you search in the near future. Again, I plan on posting these links at the main TJ site eventually, insha Allah.

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