More Salat Board Stuff

12 Mar

A few additions for salat lessons, one for a Salat board like I have posted previously about:

Number of Rakaat Per Salah. The same pictures shown on the salaat board, but I made smaller versions of a whole units of rakaat that can be displayed under  each prayer (so you could put 2 pictures for under Fajr prayer, 2 rakaat, etc).


We did a lesson from TJ’s “Teach Me How to Pray” series (, the series of lessons is not complete but several are posted) and my girls loved the cutting and pasting activities so I made up another activity “inspired” by the pictures mentioned above. This is a cut and paste activity where the student put the appropriate number of rakaat under the prayer name: Number of Rakaat Per Salat Chart

On another note: Would surely appreciate duaas for my youngest son as he has been sick for the past week. Not sure if its a really bad viral infection, asthma or something totally different, waiting for test results, hoping he doesn’t have to be admitted.  We’ve been to the hospital 3 times plus an ER visit.   😦   He  has severe coughing fits where he can’t breath, they are worse at night, but still scary during the day.

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