Prayer Review Sheet

31 Mar

I’m teaching my two 7 year olds and 9 year old how to pray and made up a little daily/weekly review sheet to help me remember to quiz them so that the concepts stick, insha Allah.

Insha Allah, this will soon be available from the main TJ site.

Hope its helpful.


Prayer Daily/Weekly Review


¨     What does fard mean?

¨     What is the word for prayer in Arabic?

¨     Name the five daily prayers in order.

¨     What prayer comes after Salatul ____________?

¨     You have just prayed Salatul ___________, how many more prayers are left?

¨     Show me one rakah, name the different positions.

¨     What position is this that I am making?

¨     Show me (name a prayer position).

¨     How many rakah are there in Salatul _____________________?

¨     What must we make/do before we pray?

¨     Show me how you would make wudhu.

¨     What do we wash after the/our _______________ in wudhu?

¨     What do we wash before the/our _____________ in wudhu?

¨     What do we say after we make wudhu?  Why?

¨     Name some things that break our wudhu.

¨     When can we make tayammum? How do we make tayammum?

¨     What must we face when praying?  This is called our ________________?

¨     How do we open the prayer? (with what saying)?

¨     Show how to make takbeer.

¨     Where should our eyes be looking when we are standing in Qiyaam?

¨     What must be said after the takbeer?

¨     Say an opening duaa.

¨     What prayers are said aloud?

¨     What prayers are said quietly?

¨     What surah must be recited in every rakah?

¨     In which rakaat of (fajr, Dhuhr, asr, maghrib, ishaa) do we recite another surah after Fatihah?

¨     Show me the Rukoo position. What do we say in Rukoo?

¨     What do we say when standing up from Rukoo? Say it. What does it mean?

¨     What do we say in the standing position after coming up from Rukoo? Say it. What does it mean?

¨     Show me the sujood position. What do we say in Sujood?

¨     What body parts should be touching the ground in Sujood?

¨     Do we come down on our hands or knees first to go into sujood?

¨     What position comes after sujood? What do we say in this position?

¨     Show me a 2 rakah prayer.

¨     Show me a 3 rakah (Maghrib) prayer.

¨     Show me a 4 rakah prayer.

¨     When do we say the tashahud? What are the words of the tashahud?

¨     What do we say when we send salaat upon the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam)?

¨     What 4 things do we seek refuge with before ending the prayer? Say this in Arabic.

¨     What do we say to end the prayer?

¨     What should we do after making prayer?

¨     Show me how to make the after prayer thikr.

¨     What breaks the prayer?

¨     What do we do if we have forgotten something in our prayer?





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