Dinner is Breakfast

21 Apr

Ok, nothing earth shattering here, but it was a lifesaver (ok, maybe that’s too strong of a word, but as a homeschooler….maybe it was) for me this morning.

I raided the fridge and pulled out some rice and potatoes from dinner yesterday. I scrambled some eggs and added it to the rice (one of our favorite ways to eat rice) and came out with a filling breakfast, masha Allah.

The significance of this, obviously was that it was a super timesaver.  If we don’t have cereal (which I am trying to cut back on due to costs), then its this game of “what’s for breakfast?” I love French toast and biscuits, but am not in the mood to make these everyday.

Why is this leftover thing so big for me? Because I am absolutely Horrible (with a capital H, see?)  at using up leftovers. Really.

I think part of the problem is that I hardly go in the refrigerator. …..

……………When we were in Damaaj, a small village here, we had no electricity. So I got used to living without a refrigerator. (wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be).

Then, when we moved back to the ‘city,’ I actually forgot to use the refrigerator.  I like had a bottle of ketchup and maybe an egg or two in there, I kept forgetting to use it.  So, we ended up selling it.

We were refrigeratorless for about a year because I really saw no need to get one or rather I just didn’t think about it…..  The milk comes in tetra packs and can last unopened for up to six months. With so many people in my family, it  wouldn’t stay around for very long once opened. ……

So, its a big deal most of the time for me to remember to check the fridge for leftovers (my 13 year old daughter does the dishes and puts the food up, so I might not see what’s left over)………………..

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