Vowels Lesson (Identifying) and Worksheets

22 Jun

I put together some resources for teaching what the five vowels are.

This is an oldy, but a poster that I made a few years back:

And new additions that have not yet been added to the main site:

Worksheets – Student circles all vowels in the words; themed.

I made these for my preschooler, he can’t read the words (except maybe ones like cat, dog), but the point is to find the vowels so he really doesn’t need to be able to read them anyway. I made the pages with a theme and I can read the words to him and so it provides the opportunity to discuss the topics and for him to match (mentally) the word with its meaning at least to a small extent.

 This resources is probably good for ages preschool – 1st grade, insha Allah.

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    July 4, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    good site

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