Eating Adab Progress/Review Booklet

14 Jul

I forgot to post this the other day when I posted the eating adab lessons….

It’s a short little “progress” booklet, that student can add a “sticker” to after each lesson is complete. Then, when the lesosons are finished, it can serve as a nice little review booklet on Islamic eating adab…..

Eating Adab Review/Progress Booklet

On another note, I think some of the activities in the lessons would be great for lapbooks.  If you happen to make a lapbook using some of those (or all) printables, please let me know, I’d love to “showcase” it.

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One response to “Eating Adab Progress/Review Booklet

  1. Sister Iman

    July 17, 2009 at 5:38 am

    as-Salaamu 3laykum wa ra7matullaahi wa barakaatuh yaa ukhty,

    I ask Allah to accept your efforts and reward you a goodly reward for all these that you are doing and sharing with us, ameen.

    UKhty, I can’t seem to get to the ppt and pdf file you have on this topic. I can’t open the files at all and was wondering if its just me.

    Barakallaahu feeki.

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