Technology: Email Basics

12 Aug

Here is a collection of helpful lessons and tutorials on Email basics that I found:

So far, this is my favorite one of the bunch: Learn the Net: How Email Works.  Covers lots of topics and explains the hows (how something works, what to do, etc). 17 different topics. I thought these were  nicely written.

Email Basics: Ten lessons and a quiz. Lists objectives for each lesson and has movie clips. This one is a good one too.

E-Mail Basics > Overview – Key Ideas:  Not as fancy, but good too. Has activities and “pop” quizzes.

Mastering Basic Email Skills

“Short course will teach you the fundamentals of e-mail, a skill that has become the most popular use of the Internet.”  Has review questions and quiz.

Email Basics: This links to a collection of email related articles (how to’s at E-How).

Internet E-mail Basics. Super plain but does have a few activities usually after each reading.

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