Ramadan Round Up for tomorrow, Ramadan 5

25 Aug

I pray that your Ramadan is starting off to be a productive one.

Here’s my Ramadan Round Up for tomorrow, Ramadan 5

(if you missed the first mention of Ramadan Round Up, its just a collection of ideas for Ramadan activities)


A Multicultural Ramadan. Contains a photo gallery of Ramadan observances around the world and four stories of American Muslims and what Ramadan means to them.  Students can view the photos in the gallery and discuss them and read the stories and then log a comment in the comment section, or compare the stories/experiences, or pick one story and make up questions for a test. Or student can pick which story he/she liked the best and explain why. One more idea is to have your student write his/her own Ramadan story like one of the four stories read.


“Beware of breaking your fast during the days of Ramadhan without a valid Islamic excuse, for it is from the greatest of sins.” (Advice to Muslims in Ramadan, Use this as copywork or have student identify what would be valid excuses for breaking the fast of Ramadan and what must be done to make up fasts.

Ramadan Recipe: Ancient Egyptian Date Candy

Date Candy – Ancient Egypt

  • 1 C fresh dates
  • 1 TS of cinnamon
  • ½ TS of cardamom seed
  • ½ C of fresh ground walnuts
  • small amount of warm honey
  • dish full of fine ground almonds

Mix the dates with some water to paste.

Mix in cinnamon and cardamom seeds.

Knead in the walnuts.

Form balls, spread with honey and cover in the ground almonds. This recipe serves 2 and was from 1600BC and was found on an ostraca (a pot fragment).

Another version of the ancient date candyrecipe can be found at

Students can also read a little bit about ancient candies here:

and here:

Ramadan Craft (for the younger crowds): Easy Ramadan Stamps

This craft comes from the “A Muslim Child is Born” blog.

Take care and may you have a productive Ramadan day today!

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