Ramadan Focus: What not to do in Ramadan

31 Aug

Here’s a great read (for your Ramadan Morning Meeting or any time):

Reaping The Benefits Of Ramadan By Understanding The Mistakes Made In It”

It’s a super beneficial, nice easy read.

Homeschool Connection:

  • You might have children make up a checklist or poster  from this reading as a reminder and post on your Ramadan Bulletin Board

You can then review the checklist/poster each day to see if you made any of the mistakes.

  • You can remember to remind everyone to take some time after breaking the fast to sit and make duaas
  • Make a mini shapebook for a lapbook with these points. Homeschool Share has loads of mini book templates you can use. This page at the site, shows you which books are good to use depending on the amount of information you have.

Happy Ramadan Learning……………………………………………

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