Teach the Arabic Alphabet During Ramadan (or any time)

02 Sep

Have you been wanting to teach the Arabic alphabet to the kids, but having trouble getting started?

As you may know, I’ve put together a few resources here at the blog in the past, but now have written a generic routine over at EHow.

Ramadan’s not over yet. Why not make this a project during Ramadan to teach the kids the Arabic alphabet? Last year, masha Allah, I taught my three youngest homeschoolers the alphabet during Ramadan. What a feeling of accomplishment, masha Allah, as I had wanted to teach it to them during the school year, but didn’t get around to it.

Use my E How routine for step by step directions for quick and easy daily Arabic sessions during Ramadan (or any time).

Your kids can learn the letters of the alphabet by the end of Ramadan (or soon after), insha Allah! (If they already know them, why not review?)

Are you up for the challenge? (Nod)

Stop by TJ’s “How to Teach the Arabic Alphabet to Kids”

(Get some great tips and support TJ at the same time—-wink)

Umm Ibrahim 🙂

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