Islamic Studies Planning Matrix; Quraan NotePad template

12 Sep

I’ve got a few new printables to share:

Quraan Mini Note Template. An outline template of an open book (looks like it could be a Quraan). I created it to write down our daily Quraan review routine. There are two templates per page. They can be used for anything including mini book shapes for lapbooks, insha Allah.

Islamic Studies Planning Matrix. A table with columns for each level from PK3 (3 year olds to 12th grade). On the left side are topics/concepts, broken down by category (aqeedah, adab, seerah, etc). You can go through the items and mark which grade you would like to introduce/review each topic.  Its pretty long, but of course can never be all encompassing as there is so much to learn.

The matrix may be a little overwhelming as it is so large, if so, chuck it for something  simpler (smile). I just made it up because I am tired of reinventing the wheel each time around and want to have a plan in place for things we’ll intend to cover at what age/level and then be done with it (the planning and replanning). Even if we don’t do formal lessons, the list can be a reminder of things to talk about and cover the material that way.

Insha Allah, I’ll be offering it in Word as an editable doc (so you can add and delete as you see fit), but if you can think of any concepts that have not been covered, please leave a comment or email me so I can add them to the final copy.

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