Teaching Kids How to Make Duaas

03 Oct

Today we had an EXCELLENT lesson on making duaas, masha Allah.  Several weeks ago, an excellent article by Shaykh Fawzaan on the Manners of Duaa was posted in one of my E Groups. I was excited about using this to review duaas with the kids.  dua

If there’s one thing that I think I have done right by my kids, Allah knows best, is to stay up on our daily duaas and encourage them to consistently ask Allah for aid and things they want/need.

I had wanted to make up a little lesson on this topic using this article, but never got around to it.

Today, I finally said, just do it. I didn’t have any fancy lessons prepared, I just decided to read the article.  Sometimes I find that I put off doing a lot of stuff because I want it presented in a nice, engaging manner. While this is honorable, I find that I miss out on so many great opportunities to impart some knowledge (Islamic or otherwise)either searching on the net or making up my own stuff. So today was the day I had decided to just plow through it, sans worksheets and fluff.

Well,  because I don’t like to do anything totally blind, I wrote down a few starter questions to lead into reading the article. I kept it simple.  That worked great. My intro (of questions that I posed to the kids) was a great lead in and then we just went through the article. I had to do some in head editing here and there as all things were not needed at that time, so the lessons didn’t flow 100% as you might like them to, but it still worked.

As we read the article, I added some commentary in and used examples that the kids could relate to (of things they might ask duaa for). Here and there I stopped to ask questions to make sure they remembered what we had gone over. I took notes of good points (ones to pat myself on the back for, lol), that came up as well as questions the kids asked so that I could do a write up later.  I figure, as I have different grade levels, we’ll want to go over this again.

So, I am in the process of preparing a teaching guide/lesson of what we did , as well as things we didn’t do, but after reflecting upon what we did, things that would be great to emphasize/do.

Look for it over the next week, insha Allah, as I am putting on the finishing touches.

I hope you find it helpful and hope that you not only benefit from the actual materials but also from my little candor that shows that although planning is a key to successful homeschooling, sometimes you just gotta get in there and give what you got (and that it can be pretty good as well).  But if  you are like me and procrastinate a bit too much to make it “perfect,” don’t wait for my lessons, jump into today with the article!

Umm Ibrahim

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