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08 Oct

You may have noticed I’ve caught the bug for writing E How articles. flowchart I am a process oriented person and am always writing processes for my kids to follow from  morning routines to how to do an algebra problem. So I guess I am just naturally a “How To” person, so E How fits in perfectly.

On the blog, I’ve written many how to’s (though not generally labeled as such) as well.

So, I thought that I would create a place to keep the articles handy for my use as well as for visitor browsing.

So here is a collection of the How To’s that I have written so far for E How.

Every now and then, insha Allah, once I get a handful or so, I’ll post them in this category.  If you get bored and are ever looking for some quick tips to read or if you want to see if there’s a better way (or just a plain way to) do something homeschool related, you can look in that handy spot.

If you see a tip that looks interesting, I would really appreciate you popping over to E How to check it out as I am in the Writer’s Compensation Program and get compensated for them 🙂  And if you feel the tip might help someone else, again, I’d appreciate if you’d pass the link on………………..

How to Help Your Child Write Numbers Correctly While Doing Work

How to Review Multiplication Daily With Your Child

How to Review Subtraction With Your Child Daily

How to Teach Children to Write 3 Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

How to Teach Children to Write 2 Digit Numbers in Expanded Form

How to Establish a Daily Islamic Studies Review Time for Your Family

How to Teach Arabic Bathroom Vocabulary to Your Preschooler

How to Review Addition Daily with Your Child

How to Check the Reading Level of a Text in Word 2007

How to Make a Homemade Mini Whiteboard

How to Make an Educational Wall Calendar

How to Teach Kids to Read Arabic

How to Teach the Arabic Alphabet to Kids

How to Set Up A Kids’ Virtual Practice Center

and my very first article: How to Teach ‘How To’ Paragraph Mini Lessons

By the way, if you see any typos in the articles, I would be grateful if you’d let me know.  😉

Umm Ibrahim

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