Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

02 Nov

You’ve probably heard of this book by Siegfried Engelman.  If not, well, the title’s pretty self explanatory, lol.100easylessons

Well, a friend of mine recently gave me a copy of the book and  last week,  I embarked on the journey of  using it with my four year old.  (I say embark as the dictionary defines it: “Proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers” —-the danger being that we won’t finish. I am notorious about changing books midstream……..but that’s a whole other post……)

Anyway, the book is highly rated….I’ve only read a few negative comments about it out of dozens of positive ones…(you can see 516 reviews of it at Amazon–of course you  probably won’t want to sift through them ALL , lol).  But they are useful. The most important thing is to use them only if your child is ready, and that goes with any curriculum/book.

Trying it Again

Ok, I have to confess I have tried to use this book before….eons ago with my first homeschooler. But, I had borrowed it from the library and it was on hold so I had to return it before I could finish it.  Now, I remember back then, also that I probably hit a snag early on and wouldn’t have been patient enough to continue with it but I’ll never know……maybe that’s good for this time around?  All kids are different, so it may  not work with one, but it may work with another.

I try to keep in mind what some of the reviews say…..don’t start if your kids aren’t ready… may start slow, but it picks up and is so worth it….

Scripted Lessons

So for new homeschoolers or those who like everything laid out, this book has scripted lessons. It tells you EXACTLY what to say.  Sounds great, but after having homeschooled for 11 years, I’ve learned to put my own spin on things and this is what the author suggests you not do…free lance, unless you have gone through the program once or twice. The danger, he says is that you may try to become too fancy the first time around and find out that you probably should not have modified some of the things you did earlier.

Well, that may be a hard one for me, as I am finding that I am already putting my spin on things and I do find scripted lessons a little confining. They seem like a great concept and I will admit, I did not practice using the lessons beforehand (he suggests making a dry run before you start the book).  He says that if you follow the program religiously the first time you present it, “the outcome is guaranteed.”  Well, we’ll see. I know that I will not follow it religiously, ok being honest here, but I really do like having something structured and will try to stick to it as best as I can, Allahu ilm. But I still believe that with everything, you have to put your  own spin on it for YOUR child.

Our Progress

As I know that I have a hard time sticking with things, I thought I would do a series here at the TJ blog about our progress.  (Hoping it will help me be more accountable by posting it publicly, lol)…..Maybe it would help others who are using it but having trouble staying with it? So anyway, that’s the thinking. So, I hope that I can record some progress to you, maybe weekly (but won’t promise, lol….we’ll see how it goes).

100 Easy Lessons Blog Ring?

Ok, maybe not a ring, but are you a blogger using 100 Easy Lessons or thinking about it?  Why not write about it on your blog (if you haven’t already?)

If you are considering writing or writing about it, please leave a comment with your link. As I (hopefully) post our progress, I’ll include your blog link as well, insha Allah.

My pal, Umm Samyrah over at The HomeschoolinUmmi is using 100 Easy Lessons as well and writing about her progress….stop by and see how she’s doing at her  The Homeschoolin’ Ummi blog.


Please make duaa for us.  My little guy, 4, has been asking for “school” work and so this book really helps me because I don’t have to plan. Wish they had 100 easy lessons for math, lol (or do they?) smile……………………….

Want to Try 100 Easy Lessons…..?

If you are considering purchasing it, you can help support TJ, by buying from Amazon with the link below 🙂

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Goal Tracker:

Our tentative date for completion is March 18, 2010,insha Allah.

Gave myself a goal to try to help stay on track.

(It’s over 100 days as we won’t do lessons on the weekends and I added some cushion in…..)

There’s supposed to be a nice little countdown widget here, but me and Word Press and widgets just do NOT get along lol.

Have you used/do you use 100 Easy Lessons?


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3 responses to “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

  1. ummtafari

    November 3, 2009 at 4:30 am

    As salaam alaikum,

    Like you, I tried this with my first child over 6 yrs. ago and didn’t finish. He picked up reading pretty quickly and honestly, I didn’t even have to teach him all the phonetic rules, masha Allah.

    On the other hand, I tried it with my eldest daughter (now 8) and it was a disaster, masha Allah. She has some learning issues and I believe she is dyslexic. So, now we use Phonics Pathways and that works out much better for her and the others as well, alhamdulillah.

  2. Um Tarek

    November 3, 2009 at 7:00 am

    I am currently teaching a third child to read with this book. I love it. I’ve never stuck to his script and full disclaimer here I have never read his section on how to use the book. I launched right in. We were extremely successful with this book with both my other daughters and now my third is picking it up with ease. I generally teach my kids to read late though. They learn their alphabet and I (and siblings) read to them a lot but we don’t really focus on reading until around 6 1/2 years. We then wiz right through the book doing several lessons per day. Course I have bookworm girls. I didn’t home school my oldest boy for the first few years and I haven’t started “school” for the younger boys yet so we will se if it works as well for them.

  3. David

    November 3, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    I haven’t personally used 100 Lessons, but I home schooled my kids too, and have had some trial and tribulations I would like to share with you too.

    When I first taught my children to read, I used a method of phonics, but quickly realized this worked for my eldest but not my youngest. She didn’t grasp reading. So after trial and error I began to realize she was a visual learner who needed both elements to learn to read. She only became successful in learning after the sound and visual were combined. And now she is reading at a higher grade level than her fellow students.

    I have seen a huge improvement, and suggest for anyone whose kid is struggling with reading to try using both sound and visual to help their kid overcome it too.

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