100 Easy Lessons—Day 3

03 Nov

Ok, I’m so not posting EVERYDAY on our 100 Easy Lessons progress  (smile)

but just wanted to share a few printables that I have made to go along with our studies.Yesterday was day 3 for us.

I need to establish a regular time everyday with the little guy, but its just so hard to juggle homeschooling so many, he makes student # 7.  So insha Allah, I’ll work on paying more attention to this.  Yesterday we didn’t get to the lesson until the afternoon but I was trying hard to make sure that we did do it.

Our progress thus far:

Day 1 -Lesson 1 and 2

Day 2 – Lessons 3 and 4

Day 3 – Lessons 4 (for review) and 5

My intent was to just do one lesson a day, but well, we just play it by ear and see what he’s up for. He’s a smart little thing, masha Allah but cannot sit still. Ok, that’s nothing new for moms but its just so funny because I still see him as my baby and so I am trying hard not too be too strict, but let him know that its time to settle down for a few minutes and learn. Its just hard to believe that he’s on the brink of “official homeschooling.”

Daily Log

100Easy Lessons Daily Log – My pal Umm Samyrah gave me this idea (ok, its not a new earth shattering idea, but I hadn’t really thought of doing it). You just log in the lessons you did each day and note any problems. That version is my printer saver where the columns are smaller so I can fit in two columns of dates as opposed to one.  For the original one column worth of dates, see this 100 Easy Lessons daily log – version 1

The Handwriting Portion of the Lessons

Each lesson has a handwriting portion.  On one review I read that someone said they just skip this section.  We include it as its kind of fun for my little guy.  He only likes to trace though, not write on his own as its “too hard” (the book says give some for tracing and then some to write on his own…so I don’t push.  Donna Young has some handwriting worksheets specifically for 100 Easy Lessons, but to save on printing paper, I just make dots (tracing and starting dot) for him.  One thing I do that I learned from somewhere else, is that after he writes/trace, he picks which letter he thinks he wrote the best and then he circles it. He LOVES that part. If time permits, I may make up my own worksheets (as those who know me would expect), but for right now, the old fashioned method of handwriting it for him works………

What supplements are you using, if any?

The great thing about this program is that you really don’t need supplements……but sometimes you feel like you just got to have them (see my printables above, lol). I think Donna Young has flashcards to use with this book.  With the little dots and lines under them.  I was thinking about the flashcards, but for right now, simplicity is the key for me  (time and energy wise), so I am trying hard to resist making anything else to use (other than what I have made).

If you are using the program, do you just use it as is or use/make any supplements?

Our goal to finish by: March 18, 2010, insha Allah……………………………

Want to Try 100 Easy Lessons…..?

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Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Umm Ibrahim

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