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09 Nov
You’ve probably heard of Spelling City, but if not, stop by and you are in for a treat!spelling
It is truly awesome, masha Allah and free!

I have just started really using it (though I have  known about it for sometime) and it is sooooooooo helpful, its like having an aide, masha Allah.  It really helps you free up time because it can virtually be a spelling teacher for  kids, because there are so many features. This is a very big help if you have lots of kids and need some to work independently while you are working with others.

You can:
1. Enter a customized list of words (or search the forum for premade lists). You have your own list management area so your lists are saved.
2. Then, you can tell your student to go to the list and it will give a spelling test.  The word is spoken, the student types it and the word is read in a sentence.
3. Then, if student needs help after the test is complete, he can choose the “teach me option” for practice, where the word will be spelled out one letter at a time, pronounced a couple of times, and used in a sentence.
4. You can choose from games and activities that the student can play to practice the word(s). You can even print worksheets such as alphabetical worksheets or handwriting worksheets.
5. And finally, your student can print a report or certificate so that if he/she is working independently, you can see what words were missed.
Right now,  I am planning on using the testing, teaching, report features, but after that I have my own little routine that I wrote up for the kids to follow (write misspelled words 10x, record misspelled words in list, alphabetize the words, write each word from the entire list in sentences (not just the misspelled as it creates a mini grammar lesson when we review any mistakes; then I assign a grammar connection type actiity (such as making any nouns in the list plural, picking out the verbs, or whatever new concept we are studying that week, etc).

I know I sound like a commercial but if you have not tried it, its soooo worth a look!  I am also using it for spelling lists for science, etc.

Umm Ibrahim

Have fun practicing your spelling words

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