Handwritten is the New Computer Created

12 Nov

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Well at least for me……………………

When I first started homeschooling, everything was done by hand, lessons, worksheets, manipulatives, etc. because we didn’t have a computer.

Then of course, once we got a computer, look out!  If I didn’t make my own  stuff, I was able to download all sorts of ready made things.  Just let me find a site with free printables and my printer was given a workout!

When we lived in Yemen, I was printing like a mad woman. I could buy printer cartridge refills kits for next to nothing and get like 4 refills per kit.  I printed without hesitation.

That Was Then, This is Now

So now that I am in a new place and  haven’t found the good deals, I am being more conservative in my printing as I haven’t found great deals on cartridges and my current printer is an ink guzzler.

But I find that even not considering ink usage, it takes me so much longer to make things on the computer (or find them) than if I just sit down and make them out by hand. Ok, so I am not an artist, but you know what? Doesn’t matter. I made some kindergarten/preschool math mini bag activities for my 4 year old and he went right to them.  Didn’t matter that I just used pencil and just drew circles or triangles, he still loved them! 

So I am doing more and more things by hands these days in an effect to conserve ink as well as time.



If you find that your time is super limited and a hand drawn effort will work just as good (or heck even almost as good), why not save yourself some time (and ink) and write it out…….so its maybe not as flashy, pretty, or colorful in some cases, but I’ve been able to knock out a great deal more of things to USE this way……………………..

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