Our Reading (Literary) Response Journal Entries – Middle/High Schoolers

15 Nov
Don’t Have (A lot of) Time to Plan Reading Assignments

I don’t really have time to make up assignments for the novels that my older kids read, so I’ve just assigned them to keep a reading journal (nothing new here as this is typical in schools). For me,  it makes things easier, insha Allah, in that I can see that they are doing the reading as well as some reflectiona on it and recording information that will help later in writing their book reports (which I require on each novel).

A Guide for Completing a Daily Reading Journal

I didn’t want to overwhelm them by giving too  much to do in the journal nor give them writer’s block by giving nothing and saying, write about what you read.
So here’s our format:


1. Listing of chapters/pages read
2. Any characters introduced in these sections (list them and briefly describe them); note any changes in setting
3. Brief summary of these sections
4. Your Reaction
• Was the reading enjoyable? Boring? Thought provoking? Did it anger you/excite you? Hard to read (due to language or that you were unfamiliar with this time period?)
• List something you learned; questions that may have popped in your head; something you didn’t understand

I had them tape this format (I typed it up in a l ittle card) in their reading journal.

In addition to the reading journal, I hope to sit down with them weekly in a little "conference" and go over chapter summaries such as the ones found at The This is planned to be more informal, just me reading the summaries and bringing up points and answering any questions they might have.

Your Turn

Do you have any interesting activities that you use in your reading/literature classes that require little or no preparation/planning?  I’d love to hear them, insha Allah.


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    November 16, 2009 at 3:32 am

    Assalamualaikum! I love reading your blog and all the various activities you so lovingly prepare for your children and are kind enough to share with all of us! It helps spread so much love and sisterhood! 🙂

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