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17 Nov

kabahAbout the most we tend to get around to at this time of the year is reading about the Virtues of Dhul Hijjah.  The last time we formally did something on Hajj itself was like the first year that I started homeschooling.

We had gotten a large roll of newspaper from a local newspaper company (in case you aren’t “hip,” newspaper companies cannot use the last bit on the roll, so many just give it away.  And really, its quite a bit for our purposes.

With the roll, (which is super wide), we made a humongous hajj map.   I had found an excellent book from the library (sniff sniff, haven’t been to a library in over 7 years) and we based our map upon what we read in it and the pictures in it.

We also did a little mock  hajj (my oldest was 5 at the time) and it was so cute.


Well, this year, we’ll do my Dhul Hijjah lapbook starter kit, insha Allah and I found a nice little lesson on Hajj that I found that I plan on reading to the kids.

So I don’t have any new goodies this year ,


My bud Umm Abdul Basir is working on some AWESOME stuff. Its not available online as of this writing (she’s busy putting on her finishing touches).  But you CANNOT miss it, so I’d thought I’d direct you over to her blog (in case you are not already a frequent visitor). Here’s her hajj tag, so you can keep checking back this week.

And believe me, you’ll want to, masha Allah as she has shared with me what she already has and its truly wonderful, masha Allah. Among the items are a bulletin board display (which will be listed at Islamic Bulletin Boards, insha Allah), little tot books (like mini lapbooks) and lapbook items.

Visit Umm Abdul Basir’s Hajj tag and stay tuned, insha Allah.

(Plus, she’s done a little spiffing up at her blog as well, so take a look around if you aren’t already familiar with it/her work).

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