Hajj Goodies II

18 Nov

kabahOk, my ever creative bud, Umm Abdul Basir (remember the name, remember her  blog if you are looking for crafty, arty ways to bring Islam to your kids, masha Allah) has whipped up some hajj goodies (and I mean GOODIES) and she’s not done yet, insha Allah.

So get movin’ cuz the time’s drawing near:

1. Islamic Bulletin Boards – a wonderful Hajj bulletin board for your wall.  Colorful border, awesome Hajj map and more.  I did make a small contribution to this project, but by and large, the work is hers.  Thank you Umm Abdul Basir!


2. Hajj mini books. Over at her blog, Umm Abdul Basir’s got ‘ABCs of Hajj” and “Colors of Hajj” books and more “goodies” (the use of that keyword so much in this post ought to make my blog entry come up first in Google search for ‘goodies’, lol) in the works, insha Allah.


Happy Hajj Learning!

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