What to Do When You’re Done

18 Nov


imageOver at the Muslim School Teacher blog, there’s a compiled list of activities that  students can do when they are finished with their work.  The list was made for non homeschooled students, I believe, but can be adapted for homeschoolers.

I had been meaning to do this for some time, so seeing this list inspired me to finally make up mine (thanks, ukhti).  I am  hoping to do a little more with my list other than just make it a list as it is now, (kind of how things work with workboxes and the schedule cards if you are familiar with those)  but at the present I hope the list will help us.


Download a Premade List

You can download my list below, because as was mentioned over the Muslim School Teacher, “why start from scratch?” (ok, obviously I started from scratch, lol, but if you don’t want to, then why? lol )  I’ve left in in word if you’d like to tweak it to meet your needs.  It is in a two column format, one column text, the second column a picture.



Making it More Than Just a List

Some ideas for turning it into something more than a list include, printing out pictures of the different tasks and putting on cards.  If you want a child to do particular ones, you can put those on a schedule strip (along with cards for each class) and state the order things must be completed in and then when finished, they do the activity on the card that you have designated.

Or you can put the cards in a jar and have student pick one out a random to do. That helps solve the “which one to do” dilemma if you haven’t specified an order.   I might try that one.

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By the way, over at the Muslim School Teacher, she has PDF, Word, and Open Office formats for downloading.


What do you do?

What do your kids do to fill time when they are done?  Please leave a comment and share your ideas/blog link about this topic with others…………….

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