Eid al Adhaa is approaching…

20 Nov


When is Eid al Adhaa this year?


For many, Eid al Adhaa will be next Friday, November 27, 2009. Eid Al Adhaa is the Eid in which Muslims slaughter (for those who may not have known).


Getting Ready for Eid

Have you started preparing? You may want to take a look at TJ Ramadan’s Preparing for Eid Page.

One difference between Eid Al Adhaa and Eid ul Fitr is that for Eid Al Fitr, you eat BEFORE the prayer.

Other than that, I think the prayers/etiquettes for getting ready, etc. are basically the same, Allahu ilm.

We generally don’t do much for Eid, despite being in a Muslim country.

What are your plans for Eid?



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