Preschool Math: Number Printables

24 Nov


(numeral that can be traced with the fingers; shows where to start when writing the numeral; word form, and objects) for numbers 1 – 10.


Some things we do with these: tracing with our fingers, spelling the number aloud, telling the number of letters in each word name, counting the objects on the card. I’ve also seen activities where the preschooler can use play dough and lay out some dough in the shape of a number on the cards (we laminated them). The cards can also be put in order from least to greatest, greatest to least; they can be used for counting.


– 3 way match, match all three (number/word/objects)


Match two cards at a time or all three for one number. 


Blackline Masters and Assessment Cards for Preschoolers/Kindergarteners

There’s a really nice site with free blackline masters (old term, lol, basically what teachers would make copies from in the “old days”) of preschool manipulatives (such as numeral cards, hundreds charts, place value strips, etc).   I remember using these materials (from this site) in my earlier days of homeschooling. 

They also have some helpful PDFS of teaching tips and math activities that you can do with younger students as well as some printable assessment cards to assess what skills your little one has and which ones need to be improved. (I plan on taking those right now as a start for our preschool math routine, insha Allah).

So if you get a chance, stop by and check it out as there are loads of useful goodies here…………Math Their Way Summary Newsletter


Happy Home Preschooling!


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2 responses to “Preschool Math: Number Printables

  1. Janette

    October 13, 2010 at 12:00 am

    I really like the way you made your Number/word/object Match cards. I think this format wil be of benefit to the special education students that I teach. Thank you for sharning.

    • talibiddeenjr

      October 25, 2010 at 9:09 pm

      You are welcome. Hope they are indeed helpful for you.

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