I wish i could highlight this section on the web page

25 Nov

imageIf you are a prolific web surfer like me (and it’s almost guaranteed if you homeschool?? lol) you’ve come across sections of a web page that you want to remember and you don’t have the time to jot it down (or can’t find a pencil because your preschooler (or  baby)) took it?  If you’re again like me, you wished that you could take a yellow (or pink or green) highlighter and just highlight a word, a sentence, a paragraph. But then, that would just leave marks all over your screen and heck, every page would then have a highlighted section, but not in the appropriate parts, lol.

Well, a few months back, I came across a handy utility called Wired-Marker where you CAN highlight sections of a particular web page and it will still be there, the next time you view the page!  Ok, for some, this is not news (I have a friend that’s used a similar program for some time), but for me, this was a super find!


How Does It Work?

Wired Marker is super simple to use.  The application, when installed, gets installed to your browser. So you just open it up from the file menu (or the shortcut key). A little side panel appears in your browser with eight different marker colors.  All you do is select text in the web page with your mouse (click, drag) then you drag that section to the highlighter color of your choice and the section on the page instantly is highlighted in the color that you chose. It’s that easy. You don’t have to save the web page on your hard drive at all (however if you really want that article, I recommend saving it because we know we can’t always find stuff again, lol). The next time you open up that page, the sections you highlighted will still be highlighted.

So now as you are scanning homeschooling articles about methods or neat activity ideas, you can simply highlight them and not have to go back and read the whole article over again!

If you like gadgets like me, this is a neat (and handy one). Stop by Wired Marker and get WIRED for web page highlighting!


Do you use a similar program? What’s it called and how does it work?

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