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26 Nov

As Muslims, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or “observe” Black Friday by going out and shopping for Christmas, but I just thought I would pass this information on regarding free educational resources to be given away from CurrClick this Friday (Black Friday), insha Allah.


“You simply can’t afford to miss CurrClick’s biggest event of the year, BLACK FRIDAY! HUNDREDS of TOTALLY FREE education resources! No Traffic, No Crowds, No Cost!
10:00 am CST Friday, Nov 27th through 10:00 am CST Saturday, Nov 28th.”


They usually have some pretty good freebies, so make sure you stop by and check them out at the dates above because I am assuming these offerings, insha Allah will be even better.

CurrClick – Curriculum in a Click



For some reason, I don’t remember seeing so many things deemed Black Friday specials as I have this year. I’ve gotten several emails from places I’ve subscribed to offering Black Friday specials (I didn’t have internet at this time last year, so maybe I just missed it). Anyway, I was just curious as to when it came to be used in reference to this particular day, so I googled and came across this article on Wikipedia: Black Friday (shopping)


At any rate, don’t forget to stop by CurrClick and click!

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