Phonics: Beginning Blends

07 Dec

Here is a listing of beginning blends. If you make your own phonics program(s), these will come in handy in generating words, insha Allah for your lessons.

l blends           r blends         s blends             3-letter blends

bl-                     br-                      sc-                      scr-
cl-                     cr-                      sk-                      spl-
fl-                      dr-                      sm-                     spr-
gl-                     fr-                       sn-                      squ-
pl-                     gr-                      sp-                      str-
sl-                     pr-                      st-
                          tr-                       sw-


Fast Phonics Lesson Making Tip:

I’m sure this is pretty obvious, but when I am making up content for our lessons, one of the main things that is needed are word lists. To quickly make words for student to read based upon the target sound (sure you can find lists in abundance on the computer but there may be those times when your internet is not cooperating, etc and making your own lists is a necessity):


1. Go through the alphabet in order, letter by letter, and attach each consonant to your phoneme (e.g. ay, ea) to see if it makes a word.

2. Attach each word blend above in order, to your phoneme to see if it makes a word.

By doing this in an orderly fashion as above, you can quickly generate a sizeable amount of words to use in your phonics lessons.


Using the Blends in Student Activities

You can also give your student the blends list and have him/her attach each blend to the target phoneme to see if it make a word.  Variation: Print/write each blend on a card. Take a card with your target phoneme on it and have student put the phoneme and each blend together to try to make a word. If the result is a word, student writes it. 


Beginning Blends Cards



Tomorrow, insha Allah, my remedial phonics routine………….

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