Islamic Preschool – Week 2

12 Dec


I wanted to get a jump on planning, so I could make some things out by hand in advance, so here is week 2. Week 3 will post tomorrow and that’s as far as I have gotten with the “meat.” Hope these are helpful. We start week 1 tomorrow, insha Allah and I have been making up my little guy’s things by hand. I’ll think he’ll enjoy them as he likes the little file folder type activities that I have made for him in the past……..



clip_image002[4]Week 2

Theme: Where is Allah?

Day 1

Islamic Studies


Review Set 1 cards for "Who is your Lord? "(see Appendix for listing of card sets)


View “Where is Allah?” PowerPoint (available at TJ Islamic Studies Library) with your preschooler

Memory Work

Q: Where is Allah?

(Use sentence card for the Question only unless you feel student can do the answer by sight as well).

A: Huwa fee samaa (He is above the heavens); -see PowerPoint presentation for the proof if you want to verify. I do not teach proofs at the preschool level other than saying it’s found in the Quraan, etc.

Repeat drill several times. You may need to prompt s preschooler with answer in the beginning several times. You may want to include some physical activity such as taking a step towards a goal each time it is answered correctly.

Motor Skills/Conceptual

Coloring Page.

Outline of clouds, with Allah’s Name in bubble letters written over them for coloring.

Language Arts

Where is Allah?

1. Go over “Where is Allah?” sentence card.

Have student to tell you the number of words in the sentence (introduce this concept if not already introduced). Tell student that sentences begin with a capital (big) letter and end with a mark; if you feel student can comprehend, talk about the question mark at the end and the concept of questions. You may wish to drill student, giving some statements and questions and seeing if he/she can pick out which ones are questions.

2. Sentence Shuffle

Print each word of the sentence, Where is Allah? on a card. Have student put the cards in order. Use a master sentence card so student can check work.

3. Make a worksheet with several rows of “Allah is my Lord. “ In each line, take away one word of the sentence. Student must write in or tell which word is missing.

Where is________?

_____ is Allah?

Where _____ Allah?

Allah is my _____.

You can also make this a hands on activity by cutting out each occurrence of the sentence in strips, and making word cards, each one with one of the missing words and have student place card on correct blank spot.

Also keep these in a pouch for storage.

1. Writing practice, for those with good motor skills

Where is Allah? Sentence writing practice

Can also do sentences in pyramid fashion:


Where is

Where is Allah

Where is Allah?

Younger ones can copy the word “Where” or “is” or “Allah.”

Days 2, 3, 4, 5

1. Again, start each session with Review cards.

2. Give preschooler the opportunity to play with any of the activity pockets you have made thus far (sentence scrambles, word scrambles, etc).

Any day this week:

Science Connection

· Read about clouds and the rain cycle; talk about cloudy weather

· Make/keep a Weather Chart to count off cloudy days:

Art Connection

· Do a cloud craft (painting, cotton balls)

Preschool Cloud Puppets:

· Draw clouds, or trace dotted clouds.

Math Connection

· Make a dot to dot with a cloud picture for your preschooler

· Make cloud shaped number flashcards to practice counting, ordering, etc.

Life Skills – Cooking

· Meringue Clouds:—meringue-clouds


Go outside, look up at the clouds and see if you can find different shapes.



If you do any of these activities and make your own print materials, please consider donating them to TJ and I’ll post them here, insha Allah, for time savers for others. I’d love to make them up on the computer (and you never know, I might), but for right now, insha Allah, I’ll probably be just handwriting the cards to save time.

Did You Do This?

If you follow this week’s outline, please let us (me and fellow visitors) know how yours turned out; what variations you made, by leaving a comment.



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