Islamic Preschool – Week 3

13 Dec


Week 3

Theme: Who created you?

Day 1

Islamic Studies

1. Start off with review of previous cards/concepts.

2. Ask student if he know what the word “create” means. If not, explain that create means to “make something.” Give student examples of things that humans make or create.

3. Tell student that Allah created everything inside and outside of our world. (give examples). See if student can come up with own examples of things that Allah created.

4. Tell student that one who creates something is called a “creator.” Have student say this word and be sure to check the pronunciation.

5. Tell student that since Allah created everything, we call him “The Creator.” Tell him that the word for The Creator in Arabic is “Al Khaaliq”

6. View “Allah is the Creator” PowerPoint in TJ’s Islamic Library.

7. Talk about how Allah Creates. (He says Kun! (Be!) and it is. (proof in Quraan). Try to make the connection that this is easy for Allah and that for us, creating things takes effort and hard work.

Memory Work

Q: Who Created You?

A: Allahu khalaqanee (or Allah created me or just Allah)

Q: Allah created everything so he is called….

A: Al Khaaliq

(You can either use cards for cues for you only for review or you can created sentence cards for student to learn).

Repeat drill several times, again, adding in physical activity to liven things up.

8. Creations of Allah.

Make 3 columns on paper (people, places, things)

Have student tell you five creations of Allah that fit into each category.

9. Coloring:

Give student a coloring page of defaced animals and people and other things (such as mountains) that Allah created. Write Allah is the Creator at the top of the page in bubble letters. You could also write Al Khaaliq in English as well (even Arabic if you want to each the Arabic at this time).

Language Arts

1. Review English cards (words, s

2. You might introduce “who,” “you,” and “be” as high frequency words, making cards for them. You can also just put all your high frequency words in a student book if that makes it easier to keep track of them.

3. Sentence card. Allah is the Creator. You can do same activities (such as sentence shuffle) as mentioned on previous days; discuss number of words in the sentence.

4. Sort. Get people, places, and things cards (animals, people, etc) and make a sorting activity to sort Creations of Allah (Creations of Allah Sort).

Store in a pouch for future independent use.


Days 2, 3, 4, 5

1. Review cards

2. Daily writing practice based upon this week’s concept/words or sentence.

3. Memory work drills



If you do any of these activities and make your own print materials, please consider donating them to TJ and I’ll post them here, insha Allah, for time savers for others. I’d love to make them up on the computer (and you never know, I might), but for right now, insha Allah, I’ll probably be just handwriting the cards to save time.


Did You Do This?

If you follow this week’s outline, please let us (me and fellow visitors) know how yours turned out; what variations you made, by leaving a comment.

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