What are the Primary Colors?….Red, yellow, and Blue????

14 Dec

(You may want to read this before you teach the color wheel) lol.

I SO love homeschooling! Today, I RElearned something or maybe I LEARNED something. 

In school, we were taught that the primary colors were red, yellow, and blue. Today, my daughter and I, in “our” photography class, learned that this is NOT true. 

We were reading the photog lesson online and came to a part where it said the primary colors were red, green, and blue. Red, green, and blue???? I was like, hold up, he’s got a typo.  We read a little further and he said the same thing again. I was like, Ok, this is a professional photographer, I don’t see how the mistake could perpetuate (as he went through the lengths to use a colored font a few times).

So I’m scratching my head…….  Had I looked down out the comments at that point, I would have seen other confused people who thought the same thing as I did, and would have seen the “teacher” respond that the primary colors of LIGHT, not pigments (such as paint) are red, green, and blue.

Wow, I wonder if that distinction was made in school that that was for light?  Of course not in the primary grades, but I wonder if for high school.

Then in our search, I located a great PDF: which did a great job of explaining that even the primary colors of pigments were not red,  yellow, and green, but magenta, yellow, and cyan! They even back their explanation up (and this was written by a person with a PhD) by stating that two major groups/associations recognize these as the primary colors of pigment. 

I’ll pass on some of the cool color theory resources I found today in a sec. We read a few and a few I am saving for our graphic design courses and science. 


I learned/relearned a few other lessons today:

Homeschooling is wonderful, not only for the kids but mom.

Ok, I already knew that, but was reminded of it again today.  I think that if I had stayed a working mom (outside of the home), I would not have had the time to sit back and learn/relearn so many things outside of my occupational field.  I’ve learned so many things since I started homeschooling in all kinds of fields.  I think that makes ME a more well rounded person. Some stuff I may have learned and forgot, other stuff I don’t think I learned in the first place.


You CAN teach your kids things you don’t know

or at least point them in the direction so they can learn on their own.  I don’t know squat about photography, but through my facilitation, my daughter is learning. And, she does learn things on her own, as well. She knows how to look for answers to what she is interested in learning more about.

In our photography class, I am a pupil too and we are learning together. I interject with things here and there to help her understanding, but as a whole, the subject is new for me too.

I just had to respond one day to someone’s comment on a UAE newspaper that while homeschooling may have benefits, it was limited by the knowledge of the parents.  So wrong!  I pointed out that there are a myriad of resources available through the internet (videos, audios, tutorials, textbooks), etc that can help you teach what you don’t know or heck, just teach your kids, without you, the middle man/woman.

Interesting read: Why you SHOULDN’T Teach your Homeschoolers. (Although I agree with some of the points she is making, I love to teach my big kids still— even when it isn’t absolutely necessary—- as we enjoy the time together –well usually, lol.)



Only Allah’s Knowledge encompasses everything

In school, as I said, we learned that the primary colors were one thing and now I am relearning something different.  We see that happen a lot where one thing was thought to be good, say for your health, and then it turns out it wasn’t or vice versa. Only Allah knew this in advance.  Very humbling.


So anyway, I was excited to share my new learning with you all.  Here are some of the interesting color theory sources I found:


  • Quiz on Colors, you can take this before doing the demystifying activity:





Photo Source:


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