Daily Bathroom Checks

19 Dec

imageIt’s hard for me to keep up with the bathroom during the day, so   I am trying out something new…. multiple bathroom checks during the day. I assign each person a day of the week and they are responsible for checking the bathrooms after each prayer and tidying up, if necessary. 

Of course this will take some discipline on my part to train them and keep on them, but it eliminates the “who should I get to clean this up routine” as we don’t currently have a regular bathroom cleaner for each bathroom. Right now, once or twice a week I run through and do a thorough cleaning. 


Here’s a word copy below. If you aren’t Muslim, you can replace the prayer names with times, and then for anyone, you can type in the names of the people who are responsible…..



This is basically the same idea as those bathroom check off’s you see in store or restaurant bathrooms to show that someone went through and checked at certain times of the day.

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One response to “Daily Bathroom Checks

  1. LittleBakr

    December 20, 2009 at 1:33 am

    Great idea. I can think of at least 3 other chores where a similar system could be implemented. I know it sounds borderline obsessive, but having chores with defined parameters and set times is excellent tool for helping to teach children about accountability and responsibility.

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