Science: Learning the Elements

31 Dec

My ninth grader has started studying the elements/periodic table in her Integrated image Science book.

Here are a few resources I found for learning the names and symbols of the elements.



Study Stack Element Flashcards

Simple text web based flashcards to learn the symbols and names of the elements.

Also included at this link are other activities such as a fill in the blank activity, crossword puzzle, matching exercise, hangman, unscramble. Note: For a few elements, the first letter is not capitalized, but other than that, they seemed ok.


Jefferson Lab’s Element Resources

Flashcards, games, such as those listed above such as unscramble, concentration, hangman, and even has a balancing equation activity.

Element Balancing Game
Element Concentration
Element Crossword Puzzles
Element Flash Cards
Element Hangman
Element Matching Game
Element Math Game
Element Word Scramble


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