Arabic Alphabet Lessons for Preschoolers – Lesson 4

07 Jan

Lesson 4: Raa, Zay image

Go through steps 1 and 2 below. If student has no trouble recognizing the letters, then move onto the new learning. If student still has trouble, repeat lesson 1 routine or play games such as bingo to reinforce recognition of the letters.



  1. Opening
Looking at Alphabet Reciting Chart, point to each letter of the alphabet, in order, and say its name while student looks on.
  1. Review of past letters
  1. Use flashcards of alif – thaal and flash them to student in random order to call out the name.
  2. Lay out all cards and ask student to show you the letter you call out (call out the letters randomly).
  1. New letter introduction
  1. Write the letters alif – thaal on the board or paper in order, saying the names as you write them.
  2. Now, add on the new letters in order: raa, zay, saying the names. Read back now through all letters alif – zay in order while pointing to them.
  3. Point to the new letters and say them a few more times.
  4. Now, have student pronounce the new letters. Be sure to watch student’s mouth as sometimes the word may sound correct, but student is really saying something different. Repeat a few times to make sure the pronunciation is clear.
  1. New letter drills
  1. Using generic gameboard or this

write each of the following sequences in their own spaces on the board. Say the names as you write them and have student watch

Sequences, one per square:

Start at right side of game board and write the letters from right to left:

raa raa raa

zay raa raa

zay zay raa

zay zay zay

raa zay zay

raa raa zay

raa raa raa

raa zay raa

zay raa zay

2. Let student read through the drills on the board from start to finish. Repeat a few times if student shows interest.

  1. Enrichment
Choose one more of the following activities as time and student’s interest allows:

1. Make large, bubble letters of each new letter and have student color in the letters

2. Take the colored in bubble letters and make a puzzle of each letter. Student must put the puzzle pieces together to recreate each letter.

3. Writing: Show student how to properly form each letter in writing and have student write the letter (see TJ Dotted letter alphabet tracing pages) or have student write in air, sand, etc.

4. Provide a worksheet where student must circle all of a given letter in a row..

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