Organizing/Reorganizing Your Household with TJ! Part II

07 Jan


Last time we talked about quantifying your household duties to help get a clearer picture of all that you need and want to do. For me, this helped me feel like there wasn’t this endless tunnel of duties.

My next step was to start organizing our actual days. To do this, I built our schedule around the five daily prayers. If you are not Muslim, you can use FlyLady’s method and use morning, afternoon, and evening as your sections for the day.

Making a Rough Draft of Your Daily Plan

  1. Grab a piece of paper and start writing out activities for each time period after the prayers: Start with Fajr – Dhuhr at the top (or morning)

List everything that you can think of that you want to/need to accomplish in this time frame. Just write, you can always go back and edit, insha Allah. You can try to arrange things sequentially if it helps you, but you can do that later too, insha Allah.

Here is what I came up with for us, starting with after the Fajr prayer:

(Add notes as you go along to help you remember things you want to make or need to remember that are associated with each activity (as I have done in parentheses). You might also put tentative times to mark things that HAVE to be done at a certain time, if you have some of these.))

Make this out for a typical day.

  • After prayer adhkhaar (make a note to post the after prayer adhkaar so everyone can see them—I had them up at one point, but have to rehang them….); set ones that kids should say at the least
  • Read 1 page of Quraan or hifz
  • Listen (me) to kids review the tashahud, opening duaa and their review Quraan or just the current Surah they are working on if they have many to review)
  • Start breakfast
  • Start load of clothes
  • HS planning/organization (minor, hopefully)
  • 5 minute household agenda check (look at the daily/monthly list real quick)
  • Wake kids and monitor morning routines (make sure my I am doing the same things for myself as well as far as the morning routine—- Our morning routine is grooming and chores.
  • Eat breakfast together (we can even talk about the day ahead, insha Allah, what’s planned, etc)
  • Clean up/chores (goal: clean up entire kitchen before school starts)
  • Everyone brush teeth
  • School prep (get all supplies together)
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Math
  • Potty breaks
  • AM nap for baby

Dhuhr (Noonish)

  • Clean up school supplies/messes
  • Pray (set time kids must have prayed by)
  • After prayer adhkaar
  • Bathroom cleanliness checks and touch ups
  • Room cleanliness checks and touch up
  • Finish clothes from morning (hang up, bring in dry, have someone fold and put away)
  • Lunch prep (monitor)/eat/kitchen clean up
  • Trash check
  • Brush teeth
  • Special chore (a weekly or monthly or hygiene activity if time permits); u don’t have to add detail right now, just allot some “fluff time” so to speak
  • Arabic
  • History
  • Science
  • Potty breaks/diaper checks
  • Afternoon nap – baby


  • Pray (set time kids must have prayed by)
  • After prayer adhkaar
  • Bathroom checks
  • Room checks
  • Potty breaks/diaper changes
  • Skill building activities (math facts, flashcards for other subjects, file folder games)
  • Trash check
  • Special chore (a weekly, monthly, or seasonal one)
  • Dinner Prep/Eat


  • Prayer (set time kids must have prayed by)
  • After prayer adhkaar
  • Eat (if it’s after maghrib and we haven’t eaten)/Clean up (kitchen clean by 8:00 pm); IS review over dinner
  • Trash
  • Potty break/diaper changes
  • Bathroom check
  • Room checks
  • Special chore (weekly, monthly, seasonally)


  • Pray (set time kids must have prayed by)
  • After prayer adhkaar
  • IS or IS review
  • Review Quraan/read 1 page of Quraan; listen to kids’ recitations
  • Bedtime routines (teeth, pajamas, etc); Recite last ayaat of Baqarah to kids
  • House check
  • Unfinished chores/special chore
  • Look at master calendar; look at tomorrow’s plan, see if there are any special preparations that can be done tonight or need to be done first thing in the am; plan school for next day, if necessary
  • Umm Study Time
  • Lesson Plan/Prep or check kids’ school plans
  • Final House check

2. Go back over your list and refine it. Add things you might have forgotten. Go back and fine tune the sequence of activities. Don’t think of this as set in stone, you will always need to be flexible, but try to firm it up as much as possible. You may even want to sleep on it. Keep your paper handy and jot down additional activities that you remembered so that you won’t forget, insha Allah.

3. Write up your “final” daily plan by the time periods.

I made up these 5 simple forms to write my routines on. I left them in Word in case you want to redesign or tweak in any other way.image


Add in times on the plan, but remind yourself not to be a slave to them (if you need this type of reminding, lol). I try to approach them as guides only because for me, I am learning that it is more important to try to get everything done even if its later than what was allotted instead of skipping stuff to stay on schedule.

I wrote mine up instead of typing in the activities in case I wanted to rearrange things later. I do prefer the typed up look, but don’t want to have to reprint the forms out if I make changes.

4. Find and designate an area on your wall for your Family Control Center/Board (more on that later, insha Allah). Leave plenty of space on the wall if you can because this will be your command center, insha Allah. It’s better if you have a table or desk near by to hold a household binder, as I have done in the past, but I can’t do that right now.

Hang your 5 daily activity plans on the wall (just put them up lightly for now, as you may find that you want to do some rearranging later with some of the other items I mention later, insha Allah. But, at this point, you have a plan for tomorrow! Yeah!

Special Considerations for homeschoolers:

When do you start school?

This can be a difficult thing to set, your homeschooling time.

You can take two approaches basically:

1. Approach 1: Decide on a school starting time and tweak your Fajr – Dhuhr plan to achieve that.

This doesn’t really work for me. If I set a generic time, I find that key things such as some hygiene or cleaning don’t get done and this is becoming an issue for me. My mind frame now is that it is more important for me to teach my kids the things they need to do to get themselves ready in the morning and have a clean house before rushing off to do schoolwork. I feel like, if we have to start school later in the day, or do school in the evening, that’s ok. We don’t have outside time commitments so this works for us.

2. Approach 2: Work hard to get everything on the list (that takes place before school should start) and start when you are finished. You might set an ideal time (ours is anywhere between 9 and 10 to shoot for, but that’s about it). Ok, so I am not teaching my kids to be punctual from this aspect, but what concerns me at this point is that I need to teach them to have good hygiene and cleaning habits. Insha Allah we can tackle the punctuality in a different way through other activities in our day??

5. Give your new daily plan puppy a spin. You may want to keep a notepad handy to write down issues that keep the plan from going smoothly, so that you can tweak it. Do give yourself time to get into the groove before making major changes, unless it is just so not working. I have read that new habits take at least a month to establish, Allah knows best.

Next, insha Allah: Part III: Fine Tuning Your Daily Plan and Making It Work


In case you missed Part I, click here.


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  1. ummuAiham

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    I have byn searching for a routine like this for ages….. Alhamdulillahi ive found one… and MashaAllah for all the neat works uve done

    • talibiddeenjr

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      Alhamdulillah, glad you find it helpful.

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