Organizing/Reorganizing Your Household with TJ! Part III

08 Jan

Last time, we looked at really getting in there and making your daily plan. If you missed it, you can catch it here.

Today, I’d like to hit upon ways to make your daily plan work.

Fine Tuning Your Daily Plan and Making It Work

After you’ve got your daily plan, and you are starting to follow it, it’s time to do some fine tuning and make this plan a habit.

A. After you get your daily routine posted, now it’s time to set up work/chore guidelines. This is the time where you will establish what goes into each job and what’ s acceptable. Do this by:

a. Going through each task and writing down all that has to be done to complete that activity satisfactorily. You may want to write these down on index cards.

b. Post the cards at appropriate places (e.g. kitchen, outside bathroom). If a task doesn’t have a set location, you can post it on your family control center in a special section for instructions.

c. Teach the kids how to perform each task. Show them (with commentary), watch them. You may want to laminate the work cards and use them as checklists.

B. Go back over your daily plans and assign tasks to individuals. Now, that you’ve broken down the tasks, you can make a good judgment call as to who can handle what at this point.

Make up chore charts to visually show who is responsible for what….or you can try my new method which is to make a generic MASTER calendar.

I just printed out a blank numbered calendar that started with the first day on Sunday, but I took the days of the week out so that I can make this monthly calendar my monthly, weekly, and yearly calendar all in one!

I poster size printed this calendar so that it printed out 4×4 (16 sheets, a big momma! You may want to go with 3×3, but I wanted to have ample space to write.)

Then, fill in the chores and household jobs along with who is assigned to each one. For us, I have changed to having the kids do the chores by the week and then switch weekly (we used to do by days; that was a headache). So how I change over chores is say that of any given month, Days 1 – 7 such and such does this; Days 8-15 such and such does this; Days 16-22 are such and such; and then 23-31 are this. Some kid will have to do extra work if there is a 31 in the month….sorry! (not)

A typical square may look like this:


(Daily chores go here ) ( Monthly go here)

Trash: Isa (this chore is always

done on the second of the month as its in

square 2

(Seasonal go here)

Windows – April, June, September, Nov.

So if today is the second of any month, I look here and see that Isa has to get the trash together today; I know that I’ll have to do whatever monthly chore is listed today (but won’t do that same chore tomorrow); and then if its April, June, September, or November 2, then I’ll have to do windows.

I write the activities in pencil instead of printing them out.

Using this MASTER calendar, I have any given week, month, or the whole year that I can look at at one glance!

C. Now, it’s time to teach and monitor the activities on the daily plan.

Start with the After Fajr routine (or maybe a shorter one; this one is my biggest). Starting with the first task on that time period’s routine, focus that in your mind and work hard to establish it till it’s like second nature. Then, go onto the second. Of course you will do everything (or attempt to) each day, but what we are talking about here is to teach the kids how to do that activity, make sure that it’s done properly, etc. So do everything on the routine, but focus, on one thing to make sure it’s being mastered, insha Allah. Work through the routine in this systematic matter. Once you are satisfied with that period routine, move onto the next one in order. If you feel that fajr and ishaa are more important, than do it in that order, whatever works best for you.

So that’s basically how I get started in reorganizing the household. Insha Allah, I’ll continue the series throughout the year looking at other things that can be done to get and stay organized insha Allah.

If you are like me, moves or circumstances can throw your plans off kilter. Work to get things back under control by starting on getting your daily plan worked up once things return to some normalcy, insha Allah.

Did you try this? Did you find it helpful? Was anything confusing? I’d be interested in hearing!

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