Business Letter/Correspondence Writing Resources

28 Feb

In trying to get together resources for my high schoolers’ writing assignments, I came across the following resources and wanted to share…………

1. Business Letters in English

So far, this is my favorite resource. It can make an excellent lesson for independent studies. It goes over types of business correspondence, sample senders and recipients, and sample reasons for writing business correspondence. It gives vocabulary related to business writing and even has a quiz and a test. It also, of course discusses formatting. Don’t miss this one!


Fifty sample letters (for fifty different occasions for business writing)

Use these ideas for writing prompts for writing sessions. Excellent real life writing practice here (note to landlord for late payment……) 🙂

3.  Business letter writing tips

Goes over more stylistic points of letter writing ( usage– (e.g. passive vs. active voice, use of pronouns))

4.Business Letter Writing prompts

13 business letter writing prompts, in case you are stuck with what to assign for writing business letters.

5. Letter Writing Generator

Super cute! Guides student through writing a friendly or business letter. The letter can be printed after it’s finished.  (Moreso for younger students, but older kids might get a kick out of it too).

Over at the main TJ site, I’ve got a simple printable poster that shows a business letter format:

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