Reading/Teaching Genres in the Homeschool Literature/Reading Program

02 Mar

If you’ve got to put together your own literature program (like me) here are some things you may find handy:

Genre list

Cute (font wise), simple list of genres for elementary levels, includes definition of each genre. Useful if you are putting together your own literature program so that you can expose your child to a variety of text types.

For religious homeschools, you can add in religious texts such as the Quraan, Ahadith, Bible, etc. to your genre list.


Basically what I do (to set up our reading program) is take a genre list and find free online resources for each genre.  My kids keep a reading notebook and for each work that they read, I have them fill in an entry in their notebooks.






Comprehension question answers

Extra activity (hopefully fun) related to the reading.

In addition,I made a reading log to keep track of what is read.

At minimum this is what they do for reading.  If I have time, I try to sit down and have them summarize what they read. But using the notebook and providing them with works really helps to make the reading time more independent.

Sources for Reading Material, by Genres


Find loads of online reading listed by genre from main lesson:



E-scraps: Autobiography, Personal Accounts, & Travel Narratives (includes autobiographies, lessons plans, and loads more resources for teaching about autobiographies and  writing autobiographies.


General’s Biography for Kids

BBC’s Famous People (great for younger kids)

Famous Leaders

Garden of Praise


Time for Kidsnews stories, mini lessons, worksheet, and comp questions; grades K-6


General Kids’ Fiction

Storyline Online (online visual readings by authors/famous people); included are activities and study guides.


MysteryNet’s Kid Mysteries, for older studies, visit the main site

Kids Love a, lessons plans for teaching about mysteries as well as the history of mysteries–kids version (not a site for free mysteries, it just links to MysteryNet for kids mysteries reading material)

I Detect – links to mystery resources for kids/teaching

More mystery educational links

Science Fiction

POETRY (moreso funny poems), includes children’s poetry by famous authors as well as adult poetry.

Poetry, includes a children’s collection

Giggle Poetry – really fun looking site. Poetry forms to write your own poems as well as lessons.

Nursery Rhymes – links to sites with nursery rhymes

Enchanted Learning’s Nursery Rhymes poems

Islamic Poetry – – 50 illustrated educational poems for Muslim children

These are just a few of the places I found, to get started. Insha Allah, I hope to add on more genres and resources in the future…………………

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  1. saara

    April 23, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Assalamu ‘alaykum

    I was looking at your posts labelled ‘Reading’ and ended up here. MashaAllah you have a wonderful variety of useful links and ideas.

    Just in case you might interested, please have a look at my blog where I review Muslim children’s and young adult books ( ). This month is dedicated to muslim poetry for children.

    I look forward to your visit and comments, inshaAllah.

    May Allah reward you for the valuable work you do through your blog.


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