More on Genres; high school reading lists and more

03 Mar

I’m still working on our homeschool literature “program” and here are a few

more finds…..

Reading Lists

High School Reading List

If you want to assign reading in different genres, this little list that I came across today is wonderful! Books are arranged by grade and the genre of each is listed…..

Pearson’s Grade 9-12 Reading List

ATN Reading Lists

This lists genres and then you click on a genre and it leads you to a list of books and authors that fit the genre. It also gets into more detail in the list by listing such categories as adventures with a female protagonists, animal adventures, alliteration, metaphors, holocaust, surprise endings, and really so much more. Definitely worth a look. K-12. This page of the site,, lists books by school subjects (westward expansion, middle ages, nutrition, etc). It also has a “read alikes” section. If you liked (name of novel)…….. and then it lists books that are similar to that particular book.

It’s really just a super resourceful site.

If you don’t have access to the physical books, many of the older books can be found online for FREE……………….

Free Literature Sites

You can view a listing of some free literature sites at TJ:

and I ran across this site yesterday with a listing of 25 Places to Read Free Books Online

Study Guides

Glencoe Literature Library has some study guides for numerous works:

Click on a title, go to a summary page and then download a studyguide.

Booknotes site

There are many sites like CliffNotes that have book summaries. This is one of my favorite such sites:

Free Online Literature Study Guides – BookNotes – Chapter Summaries containing: Plot Analysis – Themes – Character List – Notes – Critical Analysis – Symbolism – Motifs – Setting – Quotes – Literary Criticism – Study Questions – Important Quotations – Author’s Style – Plot Structure – Synopsis – Biography – Literary Elements – Vocabulary – Essay Topics – A Short Summary and much more

I like to read the literature notes with the kids after they’ve read the assigned chapters. They also typically have book report ideas and essay prompts…..another timesaver so that you don’t have to do a whole lot of planning or come up with your own literature analysis activities.

These are just a few handy resources that I’ve either recently discovered or have used for some time. Hope you find them helpful………………..

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