Timed Essay Writing Prompts

04 Mar

If your kids will be taking the SAT or GED or any tests that  require a timed writing essay, I’ve come across some great resources for timed essay writing practice.

Even if you don’t anticipate taking these tests, you still may want to do timed essay writing practice in your homeschool.  I used to give all week to turn in a writing assignment and until I realized that my daughter usually finished the same day (of course not the case with all kids), but I was trying to follow a traditional school schedule and in doing so, dragged things out too much.

Another benefit of doing timed essays  is to acquire the skill of being able to gather thoughts and express them in a short amount of time; this really is a really beneficial skill for life, in general.

So here are some awesome resources I have found for timed essay writing prompts.


This one is nice in that it arranges the prompts by type (description, persuasive, etc). There are about 23 prompts  here.

2. Georgia Regents

This is a list of topics approved for the Georgia Regents test:

It has about 634 prompts and they are ones that I think high schoolers would find interesting or relevant to their lives.

3. 501 Writing Prompts

The types of prompts you’d see on a timed essay test such as the GED or SAT…

4. Across the Curriculum Connections

Also, be sure to draw prompts out of things that your high schooler is studying to kill two birds with one stone (also, I’ve read that writing in content areas helps students to learn better in those subjects as well–even use writing in math)…………………….

Timed Essay Writing Guide

After reviewing one of the books we have on hand for writing a time essay for the GED (and drawing upon my homeschool experience, I came up with a little booklet for my kids to use while they are writing. I “crafted” it for my 17 year old who is studying for the GED, but I am having my 9th grader use it as well, insha Allah, for general essay writing practice. It’s a step by step book to use DURING the writing process/practice, until they feel super confident to go it alone. (So the book is really teaching, not me…a super timesaver).  Afterward, the essays are to be reviewed with mom or dad.

TJ (Timed) Essay Writing Companion (PDF)

Lastly, over at one of my now favorite resources for homeschooling high school, the HomeScholar, there’s a nice little article on providing regular practice in the homeschool for timed essay tests……Quick Essay Skills Earn Thanks

By the way, if you’d like a copy of items 1 and 2, the prompts, in PDF form, just let me know. I’ve got both of them in one document (ok, you could do that yourself, but hey, just offering)……

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