Balancing Chemical Equations

14 Mar

About a month and a half ago, my 9th grader and I got around to balancing chemical equations (our first time in our homeschool journey).  I was nervous at first, as I had forgotten how to balance equations, so I went surfing.

Alhamdulillah, I found some great resources to aid us……sharing some here:

A few helpful videos to explain how to balance chemical equations.

(These were some of the best ones that I had come across at that time)

Online Activities to Practice Balancing Equations

Chem Balancer

We really enjoyed this activity. It was really helpful.

Classic Chem Balancer (for those new to balancing equations)

Review Chem Balancer

Jefferson Labs “It’s Elemental—Balancing Act!”

Balancing Act

“The computer will give you a number of incomplete chemical equations. Balance the chemical equations by selecting coefficients from the pull-down menus. Once you think the equation is balanced, press the ‘Check my answer!’ button.”


Worksheets to Practice Balancing Equations

This one has 50 problems. The first half are written as chemical formulas, and the second half are the reactants and products written in words (you have to first put the equations into chemical formulas).  No answers are provided.


Balancing Equations Practice from ScienceSpot. (PDF) tutorial on balancing equations plus three worksheets and answer keys.

Main page with tutorial, scroll down to see links to the worksheets and answer keys. (PDF)


A few notes:

Each time I had my daughter balance an equation, I asked her, before she started, why equations needed to be balanced so that she could understand the purpose of balancing the equations (due to the Law of Conservation of Mass, mass/matter is neither created nor destroyed, how every many atoms you started with on the reactant side, you better end up with the same amount on the product, right side, or matter would not be conserved, which is against the law).

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