Daily Master Math Review Cards

20 Mar

I’m really big on trying to review, but sometimes I just can’t get it together to the point where I’d like (I really like to give daily/weekly review).

Math is one of those areas where if I leave it up to the review in the textbook, even with their maintenance exercises, it’s simply not enough to keep the concepts from being forgotten.

I tried making up skills lists as we went along, trying to write down questions/exercises for each child/grade. I soon realized that the concepts were generally repeats from one grade to the next and that I was making more work for myself and never completing the review material.

So, I made up what I call master math review cards. I simply took the most common types of exercises/concepts in the books and put them on index cards; sorted by topic area (geometry, number sense, etc).

It’s a set of 11 cards and my plan is as follows:

Assign one topic area per day of the week. Say, geometry is Sundays, operations, Mondays, etc. So each Sunday, I just pull out the geometry card and ask questions from it.  On any given card, there are way more activities than I would give in a typical session, I just wanted to have an arsenal of material.

There are 10 cards suitable for probably grades K-high school and one preschool concept card as I didn’t want to leave the little guy out. And really, that card can be the basis of his actual math program for  now.

I left them in Word so they can be tweaked.

Daily Math Master Review cards

printed on 5×8 index card

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