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13 Apr


My older kids are studying satellites in science.  We’ve just started  notebooking and although it takes more effort to really stay on top of it, it is so worth it (that’s (notebooking)another story).

This section in the book was pretty brief and in the process of preparing a notebooking page for them to complete, I went surfing…..

Here are some great resources I found:


FCC Satellite Learning Center – excellent. 

Nicely written (simple terms); topics:

  • So, what is a satellite anyway?
  • Who invented satellites?
  • How big are satellites?
  • What are the parts of a satellite/
  • Activities: Build (puzzle) and launch a satellite (and watch a real launch!)
  • Satellites in everyday use: (e.g. on the move, in the home, on the farm)
  • How do satellites work? (how do they get and stay in space)

Even though the section in their textbook was a bit brief, I really learned some interesting things about satellites……a wonderful consequence of homeschooling for me as mom.

Boeing  – What is a satellite? PDF

Nice PDF from Boeing.

Types and Uses of Satellites

Pictures, and description of 9 types of satellites

also, go back to the main page to view resources to  “learn everything you ever wanted to know about satellite.”

Have an out of this world homeschooling day!

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