Learning about the Ozone Layer and Ozone ‘Hole’

10 May


Did you know that the ozone hole is not really a hole?

I didn’t (or at least I forgot from school days).  Aww, the beauty of homeschooling, the learning…us old dogs can learn new tricks (or relearn them).

So, we’re studying the atmosphere and weather in our current unit of science and  here are a few sources we round up today:

Atmosphere, Climate and Environment Kid Page – simple facts about the ozone layer and ozone hole.  For older audiences, a brief but more advanced look at what causes the depletion in the ozone layer.

Also, their page on what we can do to slow down global warming.

The Antarctic Ozone Hole – nice, simple one page web page presentation answering basic questions about the ozone layer/hole.


THE OZONE LAYER:  IMPORTANT COMPONENTS OF OZONE EDUCATION one page web page discussing, well…..what the title says


Ozone Hole FAQ


The – animation showing how the ozone hole changed daily (in 2006) plus other diagrams of the ozone layer and facts.

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One response to “Learning about the Ozone Layer and Ozone ‘Hole’

  1. lollies

    May 13, 2010 at 6:28 pm


    He he i did imagine that there is an actually a hole there and imagining the intensity of the sun through the hole. Will use this with the kids one day Insya Allah. Jazakillah for sharing

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