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13 May

homeschool guidelines - butting heads with kids

I’ve finally gotten around to writing down some guidelines for us for our homeschool.  Lately, there has been some butting of heads, some “you didn’t tell me that” or “I didn’t know” (when you really did know because you were told).

So, I sat down and wrote out my expectations (for the kids and myself).  It covers areas of headings (I am a stickler for those), how and when to turn in work, what I expect workwise for each class, and other miscellanea.

I’m very happy as I finally feel like there’s a system in place for most of the day to day “school” activities. Many of the pieces were already in place, but writing them down helps me to feel more organized. Some of the elements are new, things that I wanted to regulate or have more consistency in/with or a format for and so I developed those ideas.

I thought I would share it as it might be helpful for others (I hope).

Here are the categories that I touched upon and then following those, is the Word version, so you can tweak it if you don’t want to start from scratch.



I hope that this will end some of the butting heads (seriously?).

I placed a section on there for the older kids to sign it so there can be no mistake that this information was shared.  In sha Allah they will keep this in their binders (the older kids—-and myself as well) for reference. If there’s a dispute, we take it back to here.

Note: I used the Pea Missy with Marker font (from for the headings so it may not look as cute if you don’t have this font installed on your computer 😉

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