Hygiene: Helping Teens Conquer Body Odor

19 May




Parents: Help Your Teen’s Body Odor Disappear


Help Your Tween Conquer Body Odor

This one was full of great tips.


Sweat and Body Odor

If you have never been to this site, you are in for a treat. A wealth of information to read, and I see that it now includes audio so that the articles can be listened to (ok, sounds computer generated but still helpful)

About Body Odors



A few notes I took from the articles, as well a a few personal ideas I came up with—– we are working on improving hygiene…….

-use deodorant

-wipe/wash armpits and privates as needed throughout the day

-get a quick dusting of baby powder across the body

-drink lots of water

-shower daily

-eat a balanced diet

-brush teeth at least twice daily, including the tongue

-Show children from head to toe how to clean themselves (hold a Mom-inar, or just impromptu while you they are bathing; especially the armpits, privates, feet, and hair

-Keep clothes clean, wash them regularly as this could be a big factor as well (in addition to hormones);

-Wash shoes regularly, wear socks. Freshen shoes up with baby powder or baking soda; set a day weekly to check or wash shoes

-Set a regular day every month or two weeks for shaving

-Make hygiene checkpoints at the prayer times where everyone freshens up, checks personal appearance, and cleans up the house

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