Sample Writing Schedule

25 May


I’m reworking our writing schedule to provide regular review in the different modes.

Here’s our latest:

Sunday (our first day of the week): Narrative/Personal Narrative

Monday: How to’s or writing directions to a place; OR Persuasive (reviews: games, movies, books, audios, stories)

Tuesday: Compare/contrast OR Descriptive writing (animals, seasons, foods, sports, places, religions etc)

Wednesday: Informational/expository (paragraphs about animals, science concepts, places, foods, toys games, people (biography/autobiography), religious concepts

Thursday: friendly letters, business letters (e.g. write a letter to dad or diary explaining what was learned this week; write a regular friendly letter to a relative; request information in a business letter/email; write a letter of complaint. OR write a letter summarizing what was learned this week.

Since we’ve dropped off in writing, I needed a schedule to make planning the assignments easier, in sha Allah. 

If I am behind and haven’t come up with a specific writing assignment, the kids can use this as a guide for what to write that day, in sha Allah.

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