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08 Jun


A few more graphic design resources I came across:


Graphics Design Quiz

Though kind of subjective, I thought this was a neat little exercise.

There is a fictitious product and you are given 10 pairs of ads for that product. You are to determine which one of the pair (in each question) has a better design.  The quiz provides the “answers” at the end as well as explanation of why one design is better than the other. For a few of them, the author states that it is subjective in the fact that the correct one was a personal preference of the author (not all but a few).

My daughter and I took this and I scored one point  higher than her, but in reality, I feel that she has is more intuitive when it comes to design. So I would take it with a grain of salt, but I thought it was a useful exercise


Article: Beware of Tools vs. Talent

From the same site, I found this nifty article (kind of a long read, but interesting). The author talked about the days when she was a graphic designer and things were done by hand, rather than by computer.   I think it will give potential graphic designers an appreciation of how good they have it today that they can use software for design projects.

It has a nice little section entitled:

How Can You Tell If Someone Just Has The Tools
Or If They Have Talent?

I think this would be great for potential graphic designers to see what types of skills they should be looking to develop.



Article: Be Creative!

“Creativity is the one thing that will make one company stand out from the rest. Remember, in business, image is everything, and creativity is the essence  behind the image.”

I liked this article because it showed some ways (gave examples) that you can think outside of the box as far as design (or outside the bubble as the author stated it).


Just a few things that I am adding to my daughter’s reading list for our homemade graphic design courses…….



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