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08 Jun

The younger kids are starting back up on science and we are adding notebooking to it. 

We notebooked a couple of pages today and it was a hit for one of my eight year olds. The other got a little frustrated as she is not so confident in her drawing skills (except for when for fun), so she lagged behind a bit.

I like to start them off with a decorated page as I think it is more enjoyable than just being handed a plain sheet of paper and starting off, so I came up with a simple, basic science notebooking page so that perhaps it is not as intimidating.



For the notebooking with my eight year olds, I had them read the lesson yesterday. Than today, we went back over the lesson and I drew out what I thought were the most important pieces of information and with them sitting there, I modeled how to get the notes down. We are studying parts of a plant, so I took the heading and wrote it out on my paper. They looked on and copied out onto their paper. Then we did the same thing with the main pieces of information in that lesson.  Our notebooking activity tends to be a highly guided activity whereas I know others may let their kids strike off on their own.  I even tend to do this with the older kids, at least for now as taking notes is pretty new for us.  It works, so we’ll stick with this method as long as it is effective, in sha Allah.

I also made a table of contents so that they can go back and find the pages easier once they are done.


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