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20 Jul

Years ago, in my pre computer homeschooling days, I made a few Islamic themed mobiles by hand for my oldest kids.  One was a pillars of Islam mobile where I cut out little hand drawn shapes such as prayer rugs and a kabah. 

I remember how nice they turned out even without a computer and I am hoping for us to make some more up.  I had been on the hunt for some mobiles and ideas for hanging them as we have high, concrete ceilings.

A few suggestions I got for the hanging were to hang them on doors and windows. One solution was to hang anchors on opposite walls and attaching fishing line across the room from wall to wall.

Mobile/Islamic Mobile Links

I was searching the web for mobile ideas, so here are a few I came up with:

Mobiles You Can Make (Enchanted Learning)

Artists Helping Children: Mobile Making Crafts for Kids

Loads of mobile ideas here, with pictures (well they link to other sites), and even a few Islamic ones were to be found:

Islamic Prophets Mobile (You probably don’t want to use their templates but perhaps write the names in Arabic rather than English.  In addition, include pictures that are relevant to each particular prophet.)

Celestial Mobile. Ok not really Islamic, but thought you can adapt it and make a moon phases mobile. This one uses clay, but you could just use paper of course.

Mosque Craft Mobile Ramadan Craft

and of course Pillars of Islam and Pillars of Emaan (the sister over at the Yemen links blog has a Pillars of Emaan mobile).

Other ideas for Islamic mobiles:

  • Quraan (surahs) or etiquettes of the Quraan (to remind how to treat/recite the Quraan)
  • Islamic Mosques (Masjid al Haram, Masjid al Nabawiyyah, Masjid al Aqsa, etc)
  • Wudhu, steps of Wudhu
  • Fasting days (days fasted other than Ramadan)
  • Good Deeds Mobile (over at the TJ Ramadan site)
  • Eating or bathroom etiquette mobile
  • Fasting sequence mobile
  • Duaas
  • Islamic sayings (in sha Allah, bismillah, alhamdulillah, etc)
  • Manners
  • Names of Allah (if it is permissible to hang them, not sure
  • Halaal vs. haram (actions, foods)
  • Conditions of hijaab
  • Arabic seasons, months, or other vocabulary (animals, foods, etc)


and of course the list could go on, these are just some that I brainstormed…….

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