Countdown to Ramadan

02 Aug


I thought it would be cute to countdown to Ramadan (since my middle girls kept asking me how many more days until Ramadan).

Here’s our simple display that I made up:


Here’s the file:

It consists of the text “Countdown to Ramadan” and 30 numbered cards. I just stapled them on and we can tear them off (I just started today so we didn’t have so much thickness to staple through). I’m a staple queen, but I am sure there are many ways to affix/display the cards.


We’re busy working on our board and in sha Allah I hope to post pictures soon of it (gotta a few more things to add, in sha Allah).

Please stop by Islamic Bulletin Boards to see Umm Abdul Basir’s wonderful borders and attachments.   You can download the files for your own board.

If you make a Ramadan board, please leave a comment at IBB so we can link to your board for others to see. If you do not have a website/blog, we can upload the pictures to IBB in sha Allah.


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2 responses to “Countdown to Ramadan

  1. ummabdulbasir

    August 2, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    masha Allah, turned out nice! we will have to try this next year insha Allah. *hugs*

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