It’s Ramadan Lessons! Broken Links 1

04 Aug

imageBack in 2006 I made up a set of lessons for each day of Ramadan. 

Since then, some of my resources that I linked to have been reorganized (thus sporting a different link) or offsite resources are no longer available at the link given.  If you are attempting to use the lessons, I apologize for any inconvenience. I hope by next year to perhaps revamp the lessons. At the present, I don’t have the original files, so I either have to add comments to the PDF file (which I have started to do) or start from scratch.

At any rate, some helpful sisters have brought to my attention broken links so in sha Allah, I’ll be posting the corrections here in case you are using the lessons as well.

Ramadan 5:

Ramadan 12 and 23: Diet During Ramadan (offsite article)

Ramadan 13:

Ramadan 19: Concerning the Itikaf (offsite article)


If  you run into broken links, I would surely appreciate your leaving a comment here or emailing me. If so, please also mention the lesson date (Ramadan 2, 4, etc) as that will be handy for others who may need the materials. (Shukran to the sister who emailed in this manner, it was helpful).

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